Can You Microwave A Pizza Box? Is it Safe?

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Short Answer: Under 1 minute, it is okay. Anything above 2 minutes, it might catch on fire.

You can reheat pizza from the box in the microwave. The microwaves may heat the pizza inside by passing through the cardboard box.

Microwave A Pizza Box

The cardboard box will absorb some microwaves and get hot, but not all of them, and your pizza will warm up almost as well as if it were on a ceramic dish.

Only if the box was wrapped in aluminum foil would your pizza not warm up. The aluminum foil would reflect all microwaves, and none would reach the pizza. But no one will ever do it, so you don’t have to worry about it.

So, while you may warm up pizza in the box, you shouldn’t do it for more than a minute unless you want to risk catching the entire pizza box on fire.

Before you microwave a pizza box, you should know a few things.

Microwaving a pizza box is a simple method to reheat leftover pizza without dirtying a plate. However, there are a few things to keep in mind while using this procedure.

  • Never microwave an empty pizza box without the pizza inside. Pizza boxes are explosive and can catch fire if heated to high degrees without the presence of pizza to absorb the microwave’s energy.
  • Check to ensure that there are no metal parts in the pizza box. Metal components should never be microwaved since they can ignite and harm your equipment.
  • Examine the materials used to make the pizza box, as some contain plastic or wax. If it feels smooth or slippery to the touch, it may have partially melted and is not microwave-safe.

Is it possible to heat a cardboard pizza box?

When discussing cookware, it is critical to distinguish between the phrases heat-resistant and fire-resistant.

  • It is heat resistant and can tolerate temperatures of up to 140°C.
  • The fire-resistant material can withstand temperatures ranging from 250 to 300°C.

How is a Pizza Box Made?

However, before I answer that question, let’s define a pizza box.

A pizza box is often composed of corrugated cardboard, ideal for providing rigidity and lightness to a container.

They are intended to keep the pizza warm for an extended period and to protect it from becoming soggy by absorbing the fat that leaks out of the pizza.

A cardboard pizza box is intended to be:

  • Stackable durability
  • Up to 80°C heat resistance
  • Maintain warmth
  • Avoid soggy pizza crust.

Is It Dangerous to Microwave a Pizza Box?

Cardboard is typically microwave-safe, but only for short periods. However, there are a few real reasons to be worried. What do you mean?

Glue and Chemicals

A major source of worry is the possibility of glues and solvents being added to the cardboard to increase its stability. Is it possible that these chemicals may leech into our pizza?

A minute in the microwave is unlikely to be strong enough to induce any alteration in the box structure. But how certain can we be? The only method to find out if a pizza box is microwave-safe is to look for a label or print that says so.

Metals and plastics

Another potential concern is that certain pizza boxes may have plastic or metal inlays, which may be a problem.

It might be an extra-thin sheet of aluminum foil sandwiched between two layers of cardboard to improve thermal insulation. It might also be a plastic vent that has been installed to allow steam to escape from the box.

The pizza saver is a popular plastic feature seen in many pizza boxes that keeps the box from collapsing into our pie. Remember to take it out every time you microwave a pizza box. These pizza savers are frequently made of plastic or other materials.


When deciding if it’s safe to microwave a pizza box, the fire should not be a major worry. Pizza boxes are designed to withstand extremely high temperatures without being damaged.

That doesn’t imply we can throw them in the microwave (or even a standard oven) and forget about them for half an hour. They will catch fire at some time.

The Most Important Fact

The essential thing to remember is never to cook an empty pizza box. Microwaves require a liquid to discharge their energy.

The microwaves are drawn to the cheese and tomato when a pizza is placed within the box. However, if the empty box, the microwave will only sustain minor damage. In the worst-case situation, it may potentially explode.

And if you put that box in the microwave for too long, it may catch fire since it has absorbed some of the fat from the pizza.

Is it possible to microwave all cardboard pizza boxes?

Even while high-quality pizza boxes are engineered with heat-resistant capabilities, this does not imply that all cardboard pizza boxes are microwave safe.

The main issue is that certain pizza boxes include extra functionality incorporated into the container. A thin aluminum foil covering on the interior, metal clasps on the exterior, or plastic bits may beautify the box, but these do not microwave safe.

Read the manufacturer’s directions on the side of the pizza box carefully. Some packaging has been purposefully engineered to withstand microwaves.

Alternately, place the remaining pizza on a microwave-safe dish and reheat as usual. Understand that this procedure produces chewy pizza that is no longer crisp.

Is it safe to microwave Domino’s cardboard?

No, if you leave the box in the microwave for too long, it will catch fire.

Furthermore, it is constructed of recycled cardboard, which may include chemicals that may make your meal taste terrible.

Will the pizza be safe to eat?

It could be acceptable if you microwave the pizza box for less than a minute and then try to consume the pizza. However, it is conceivable that harmful substances in your pizza box will leak into your pizza at such high temperatures. If you consume it, you might wind up putting your health at risk.

The Best Microwave Method for Warming Pizza

Microwaving pizza from the box is NOT the best way to reheat pizza in the microwave.

It does provide a fire risk, which may be easily avoided by placing your pizza on a ceramic plate and cooking it on it.

You may also serve your pizza with a glass of water on the side. According to reports, the cup of water keeps the base of your pizza crispy as the cheese on top melts.

You can be creative and put a thin strip of alfoil on the bottom of your pizza to make it crispy, but it’s not worth it.

If you’re going to do that, you may as well cook up your pizza using the frying pan and water approach demonstrated in the video below:


Stick to more traditional ways, such as using a plate with a paper towel to absorb moisture and prevent a soggy crust. Consider using a microwave crisper pan or a toaster oven since the pizza will keep its crispy crust, and the cheese will melt more evenly.


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