Can You Microwave A Pizza Box? Is it Safe?

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Let’s face it, we all love pizza, and sometimes the only thing better than a fresh pie is a reheated slice from the night before. But can you reheat a slice while it’s still in its box? Is it safe to microwave a pizza box, or are you playing with fire—literally? This article delves into the nitty-gritty of what you should and shouldn’t do when it comes to microwaving a pizza box. With safety, practicality, and of course, the deliciousness of your pizza in mind, we’ll answer all your burning questions.

The Fundamentals of Microwaving a Pizza in its Box

Convenience is king, and what’s more convenient than reheating pizza directly in its box? While it is possible, there’s a caveat: limit the microwave time to under one minute. The cardboard box is designed to withstand a certain amount of heat, but push it past its limit, and you’re in for a fire hazard.

Microwave A Pizza Box

Cardboard and Microwaves: What Really Happens

You may wonder why microwaving a pizza in its box works at all. The cardboard is porous enough to allow microwaves to pass through, thereby heating the pizza within. However, the cardboard also absorbs some of the microwave energy, making it less efficient than a ceramic dish but still serviceable.

Aluminum Foil and Microwaves: A Recipe for Disaster

You might think wrapping the box in aluminum foil will help heat the pizza more uniformly. That’s a misconception. Aluminum foil reflects microwave energy, essentially turning your microwave into an expensive paperweight. So, no foil—ever.

Time Matters: Don’t Overcook

A pizza box is not a fire hazard if microwaved for a brief period, but that changes if you get careless with the time. Cooking the box for more than a minute increases the risk of combustion, turning your quick snack into an emergency situation.

Important Precautions Before Microwaving

Before you go ahead and nuke that box, be aware of a few things:

  • Empty Boxes are a No-Go: Never microwave an empty pizza box, as it may catch fire without pizza to absorb some of the microwave energy.
  • Check for Metal Components: Even small bits of metal can be dangerous in a microwave.
  • Watch for Other Materials: Some pizza boxes have a waxy or plastic coating that may not be microwave-safe.

Understanding Heat-Resistant vs Fire-Resistant

When it comes to cooking, knowing the difference between heat-resistant and fire-resistant can save you from a kitchen disaster. A pizza box is generally heat-resistant up to temperatures of around 140°C but is not designed to be fire-resistant.

What Makes a Pizza Box?

Pizza boxes are primarily made of corrugated cardboard, chosen for its lightweight yet sturdy structure. These boxes are crafted to insulate the pizza, keeping it warm and preventing the crust from getting soggy.

Potential Risks: Chemicals and Metals

While most pizza boxes are plain cardboard, some may include additional elements that can be concerning when microwaving:

  • Glue and Chemicals: The adhesive used to hold the box together might contain chemicals that could potentially leach into the pizza.
  • Metal and Plastic Inlays: Some boxes have thermal insulation or vents made from materials that shouldn’t go in a microwave.

Fire Risks: What You Should Know

While pizza boxes are designed to withstand the heat from a pizza fresh out of a 450°F oven, microwaving them for too long can be a fire hazard. The time it takes to reach combustion can vary, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

An Important Reminder: Microwaves Need Liquid

Microwaves work most effectively when there’s a liquid to absorb the energy. When microwaving a pizza box with pizza in it, the cheese and sauce act as that needed liquid. An empty box lacks this crucial element, making it dangerous.

Not All Pizza Boxes are Created Equal

Some pizza boxes come with disclaimers stating they are microwave-safe, while others may contain elements like metal clasps or decorative foils that make them unsafe. Always read any labels or warnings on the box before proceeding.

Domino’s Boxes: To Microwave or Not?

Domino’s boxes are made from recycled cardboard, which may contain unknown chemicals. The simple answer is to steer clear from microwaving Domino’s—or any other recycled—boxes to avoid ruining your pizza and possibly your health.

Safety and Quality: Alternatives to Microwaving Pizza in a Box

If the prospect of microwaving a pizza box doesn’t sit well with you, there are other methods for reheating your pizza. Using a ceramic plate can help you avoid potential hazards, while techniques involving a glass of water or a frying pan can offer a crispier crust.


While microwaving a pizza in its box is a quick and convenient method, it’s not without its risks. For a safer and potentially tastier pizza, consider alternative reheating methods. A toaster oven or a simple ceramic plate in the microwave can ensure your reheated pizza is just as enjoyable as it was fresh from the oven. So, the next time you find yourself with leftover pizza, think twice before hitting that “start” button on your microwave. Your pizza—and your safety—are worth that extra moment of consideration.


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