Does Nutella Go Bad? The Ultimate Guide to Storing Your Favorite Spread

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Ah, Nutella. This creamy blend of chocolate and hazelnuts has carved its own niche in the world of comfort foods. But, like any food item, it leaves you pondering, how long does Nutella last? If you’re a fan of Nutella and always have a jar or two on hand, understanding its shelf life and storage can help you savor its richness for months to come.

What Is Nutella?

Nutella is not just any spread; it’s a phenomenon. Chocolate’s blend of sweetness and creaminess makes it difficult to resist, especially when microwaving a Nutella. Born in the Ferrero kitchens in Italy, this scrumptious mixture has been filling our lives with joy since the 1940s. Initially invented as a workaround due to cacao shortages post World War II, Nutella has spread its charm globally. Today, various countries even boast their own versions. To appreciate Nutella is so universal that February 5th is celebrated as World Nutella Day.

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Does Nutella Go Bad?

Sure, Nutella is a wonderful addition to your kitchen pantry, but it’s not immortal. Over time, the quality of Nutella can degrade. For instance, the flavor and aroma that make Nutella unique could fade away. So when your jar of Nutella loses that rich scent of hazelnuts and chocolate, it’s a sign the spread has gone stale.

Shelf Life of Nutella

Unopened2 months past the best-by date
Opened12 months
Nutella piping bags6 months

How to Store Nutella

The way you store Nutella significantly influences its longevity. Although it might seem like a good idea to store Nutella in the refrigerator to extend its life, doing so actually makes it less spreadable. The best place for your jar of Nutella is a cool pantry, away from direct sunlight and heat sources like stoves.

Container Choices

Nutella comes in a well-designed jar that keeps the spread fresh for quite some time. If you decide to transfer it to another container, make sure it’s an airtight and preferably glass one. A glass container prevents unwanted moisture and protects the Nutella from heat, preserving its quality.

How to Tell if Nutella Is Bad

Wondering if your Nutella has passed its prime? There are four key indicators:

  • Appearance: Nutella should have a creamy dark brown color. If it has faded or shows signs of mold, it’s time to throw it away.
  • Smell: Nutella’s scent is a blend of chocolate and hazelnuts. Any deviation means the product has likely spoiled.
  • Texture: If the spread has become hard, gritty, or overly oily, it’s no longer good to eat.
  • Taste: Nutella has a rich, creamy taste. If that changes, it’s best to replace your jar.

Can You Freeze Nutella?

Freezing Nutella is not recommended. Doing so can adversely affect the texture and spreadability of the product. The oils in Nutella can harden, making it almost impossible to spread.

What Happens If You Eat Old Nutella?

Generally, consuming old Nutella won’t make you sick, unless it shows signs of spoilage like mold or a bad smell. The best-by date is more of a quality indicator rather than a safety warning. So, if you find a jar past its best-by date, don’t panic; just check it for quality.


Understanding how to properly store Nutella can significantly extend its life, allowing you to enjoy this delicious treat for longer periods. Whether you’re spreading it on waffles for a Sunday treat or keeping a jar in your office for a quick snack, knowing the ins and outs of Nutella storage will let you enjoy it at its best, without worrying if it has gone bad.


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