Does Soda Go Bad? How Long Does It Last and Why?

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Soda is a timeless beverage that people worldwide have enjoyed for decades. But have you ever wondered, does soda go bad? How long does it last, and why? The answer might surprise you.

Soda is an incredibly resilient beverage that can last a surprisingly long time without spoiling. But it’s important to understand the factors that can affect its shelf life and the signs that it’s gone bad.

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With this information, you’ll be able to enjoy your favorite soda for as long as possible. So let’s take a closer look at why soda lasts so long and how to determine if it’s still safe to drink.

What Causes Soda to Go Flat?

Let’s agree that drinking soda with no more bubbles isn’t a good idea. But, other than the fact that we left it open and all the bubbles flowed out, why might this drink become flat?

One of the explanations is that the drink has expired (or was inadequately kept) and is no longer drinkable.

However, there are alternative reasons. If you store your drink in a plastic container, for example, it may get flat. It would fall flat otherwise if left unopened, but it will happen faster in a plastic container since the fizz pressure leaks past the seal.

The issue is CO2 that escapes from the bottle or tin over time, making the drink less fizzy, less pleasant, and less long-lasting.

Why does Coke fall flat so quickly?

If left open, this drink will quickly lose its fizz. In this instance, it begins to oxidize and lose carbonation. Also, if the can is heated, Coke will get flat faster.

Is It Harmful to Consume Flat Soda?

Is it possible to drink flat soda? If the drink loses its bubbles from being stored open, then consuming it is safe, but you won’t appreciate the taste. However, if the soda was initially flat when you opened it, don’t drink it since it might be tainted!

How Long Does Soda Last?

How long soda lasts is mostly determined by how it is stored and whether it is opened or unopened.

You might be tempted to toss out a drink that has passed its expiration date, but don’t. This data is the manufacturer’s advice for when to drink the soda to enjoy the sparkling fizz, indicating freshness.

Soda may be kept much past its sell-by date, but while it is safe to consume, the quality of the drink will decline the longer it is kept past the specified best-before date.

The shelf life of soda is also affected by how it is stored. Keep carbonated beverages in a cold, dark area for the best freshness.

A pantry is an excellent option, particularly if you have a huge supply that would otherwise take up too much room in the fridge. Unopened soda can last 6-9 months past its best-before date in this country.

When you open a bottle or can of soda, it is recommended to refrigerate the leftover contents, but you should consume it within 4 days before the drink loses its distinctive flavor. Unopened Coke keeps well in the fridge and is good for 6-9 months beyond the sell-by date.

Shelf Life of Soda

Unopened soda6-9 months6-9 months
Opened soda1 day2-4 days

Another factor that many people are unaware of is that various containers maintain the drink at varying temperatures.

It indicates that an unopened can or bottle will keep soda drinkable for up to nine months, whether refrigerated or not. However, a drink in an opened can or bottle would be kept for a different time.

Typically, an open can of soda survives for twelve to twenty-four hours, whether refrigerated or not, but the drink in an opened bottle will last for two to five days chilled and one to three days when not refrigerated.

Diet soda has a somewhat varied duration of use because it may be stored for up to three months after the expiry date (compare it to nine months of storage of the ordinary drink).

What Is the Shelf Life of Soda Outside?

If you don’t have a lot of storage space inside or a pantry, or if you want to keep a limited variety of soda in your fridge for your kids, keeping it outdoors is the best alternative.

Soda stored outside can survive 6 to 9 months over its expiration date. If you keep it outside, keep it in a cooler or an air-tight box to protect it from severe heat or cold (both of which can create a build-up and explode) and animals.

If the soda is open, it’s past its prime and should not be consumed. When exposed to oxygen, it attracts bugs, loses its carbonation, and can grow mold.

How Long Will Soda Last in the Fridge?

The fridge is a great location to keep your soda since it will keep it nice and cold, ready to be poured over ice if desired. It’s shielded from any harm that may jeopardize the can’s integrity.

Unopened soda, when kept outside, may survive 6 to 9 months over its expiration date. The fridge maintains a constant temperature and is unaffected by being in and out (without opening). It’s also protected against animals that could get into it if you live in a wildlife-infested location.

If you’ve opened your soda but haven’t finished it, it will stay in the fridge for two to four days. After that, it has lost all of its carbonation and may harbor bacteria, so it should not be drunk.

How Long Will Soda Last in the Freezer?

Soda does not freeze well in cans or bottles. It can potentially expand and explode, destroying your freezer, or, if taken from the freezer, injure you with the jagged bits from the can if it bursts – which is quite easy to accomplish.

You may, however, freeze soda in many forms, such as ice cubes, ice cream, popsicles, or fun delights for the kids to help prepare. The point is that the carbonation should be revealed or, at the very least, flattened (so putting it from one container to another.)

It may explode if frozen in its original container without being opened to enable oxygen to mix with the carbon dioxide.

To summarize, keep your soda outside in a secure place, inside your pantry, or in your refrigerator for the best and safest outcomes. Soda should not be frozen unless placed in a separate container for safety reasons.

Is it true that soda spoils in the heat?

It does so because heat causes the drink’s carbonation to deplete faster.

How long beyond the expiration date can you use soda?

Soda drink usually lasts for several months after it has passed their expiry date. The usual period is 6-9 months.

How Can You Tell If Soda Is Harmful?

Begin with unopened soft drinks. If the bottle is broken or leaking, throw away the drink. The same holds if the can is bulging or substantially damaged. Or if it began to erode.

The liquid inside should also be if the can or bottle appears in good condition.

When you open a drink months over its expiration date, look for classic indicators of decomposition, such as an unpleasant odor or a color change. The chances of it happening are minimal to none, but it’s always best to be safe than sorry.

Whether everything with the beverage appears in order, give it a taste to check if it’s safe to drink. If it’s flat or doesn’t taste particularly good, it’s generally preferable to dump it down the drain.

Last but not least, if it’s been open for more than a week, cut your losses and throw it out. It makes no sense to sip a tasteless, flat soda.

Is it harmful to consume expired soda?

If the drink has a familiar smell and flavor, it is okay to ingest; nevertheless, you will most likely reject to do so because fizzless soda does not taste as good as fresh soda.

Is it possible for germs to grow in soda?

Bacteria cannot withstand the acidity of soda drinks. Cols, for example, has a pH of 2.5, making it an undesirable environment for bacteria to grow.

Is it possible to become sick from drinking old soda?

That is extremely unlikely. The drink may get less fizzy, and its flavor may deteriorate, but it will not become dangerous.

Increasing the Life of Your Soda

This is what most soda fans are interested in. Is it feasible to extend its life in any way?

There are no specific techniques, but you may make soda last longer by adhering to the fundamental storage guidelines.

  • Always store the drink in a cold, dark area.
  • Make certain that the temperature in the area where the soda is stored remains constant. Its continuous adjustments might degrade the drink’s quality.
  • Keep in mind that bottled drinks survive longer once opened than canned drinks.

Soda is a tough liquid to drink. Its usefulness has been questioned up to this point, and no definitive answer exists as to whether it is safe to ingest.

However, a glass or two now and then won’t hurt, so if you can’t imagine a weekend or a party without one of these sparkling beverages, make sure you store them well so you can enjoy their pleasant flavor and bubbles afterward. Depending on the state, soda is referred to as soda, pop, or coke.

How Should Soda Be Stored?

This part will be no surprise, although it provides a few pointers that you may find useful.

Unopened tins and bottles can be stored at room temperature. Both the pantry and a dark cabinet in the kitchen are wonderful options. Just ensure they aren’t near any heat sources and the bottles aren’t in direct sunlight. If you want to serve or consume the soda later, feel free to chill it if you prefer it to cool.

Once you’ve opened the drink, keep the leftovers refrigerated and well-packed. Nothing awful should happen if you leave an opened (but sealed) bottle of Coke overnight, but pay special attention to its quality and scent.

If it’s tin, dump the remains into a bottle if you won’t complete it that day. This prevents the drink from losing all its fizzes and protects it from microbial contamination. If that isn’t possible, improvise using plastic wrap and a rubber band. It’s not perfect, but it’s preferable to storing an open tin in the fridge.

Is It Possible to Freeze Soda?

Putting a can of your favorite drink in the freezer to make it chill faster may seem like a no-brainer, but it is not.

Canned soda does not freeze well because its water content grows by around 9% when it freezes. The expanding water in the carbonated drink pulls out the carbon dioxide in the soda as it freezes.

Because the freezing container is sealed and under pressure, the carbon dioxide is prevented from escaping, resulting in the bottle bursting and sputtering its contents all over the freezer. As a result, you should never try to freeze canned soda.

You may make a slushie if you wish to drink frozen soda. Follow these steps:

  • Fill ice cube trays halfway with your drink and freeze overnight. Place the leftover soda in the refrigerator to chill.
  • When ready to use, combine the ice cubes in a blender with the cold soda and process until fully combined.
  • Serve in mason jars and have fun!


As you can see, preserving soda is not a difficult task. However, if you come upon a can or bottle of flat drink, you should throw it away. In this state, soda isn’t all that pricey to drink!


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