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If you’re on the cusp of landing a new job, the waiting period following a background check can be nerve-wracking. This article aims to give you a comprehensive understanding of what to expect during this critical phase, including timelines and what could potentially delay the process. With detailed insights from experts in the recruitment field, you’ll be well-equipped to navigate this stage of your job search.

How Long After a Background Check Should You Expect an Offer?

If you’ve reached the background check stage in a job application, congratulations! You’re nearing the finish line. However, the waiting game begins here. Typically, you can expect to hear back from the employer within one to two weeks after the background check is initiated. This timeframe can differ based on the complexity of the check and the company’s specific processes.

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What Goes Into an Employment Background Check?

Background checks aren’t just a cursory glance at your resumé. Employers dig into multiple aspects of your life to ensure you’re a suitable fit for the role. Here’s what they usually examine:

Identity Verification

Identity checks can vary significantly in turnaround time. Some employers are satisfied with a simple passport or license verification, while others might go in-depth with Social Security number tracking.

Academic Verification

This involves cross-referencing your academic credentials with the institutions listed on your resumé. You may also need to sign a release form, prolonging the process. Be prepared for this check to take a few days, especially if your educational background is extensive.

Employment Verification

This can take two to four days and may take even longer if you’ve held multiple positions. Employers contact your previous workplaces or their HR departments, making this a time-consuming process.

Criminal Record Check

The timeline here varies dramatically based on whether the records are domestic or international. Expect a wait time of anywhere between one business day to more than 20 days.

Verification of Professional Certifications

Employers also validate your memberships in professional associations and certifications. This generally takes around two business days.

Credit Checks

Your credit history can reflect your financial responsibility, important for certain roles. This takes approximately two to four days.

Global Watch List Checks

Especially important for government jobs, these checks are usually quick, and completed within a day.

Driving Checks

If your role involves travel, employers will want to ensure you’re a responsible driver. This is mostly to mitigate insurance costs and risks associated with business travel.

Factors That Could Delay Your Background Check

If your background check is taking longer than expected, several factors could be causing the delay:

  • Incorrect or incomplete request forms and lack of required consent from the applicant can stall the process.
  • Many county court records are not fully digitized, requiring a manual search that can take between 3 to 30 days.
  • International background checks can extend the duration due to the involvement of multiple jurisdictions and strict privacy laws in some countries.
  • Aliases and name variations can add time to the verification process as they often require manual checks.
  • The databases and sources required for thorough checks can vary, and some may take more time to access than others.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Exactly is a Background Check?

Employers conduct background checks to validate your credentials and suitability for the job. The process is meant to corroborate the information you’ve provided, not to trip you up.

How Long Does a Typical Background Check Take?

While the average background check takes about a week for non-federal jobs, seeking a federal position may extend this period to several months.


While most background checks proceed without a hitch and within reasonable timeframes, it’s good to be prepared for any eventualities. If you think the process is taking longer than it should, don’t hesitate to reach out to your prospective employer for an update. They may need additional information from you, or they could give you an estimate of how much longer the check will take. By staying informed and proactive, you’ll make the period following your background check far less stressful.


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