How Long After Joining AAA Can I Use It And Why

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People can receive roadside assistance from the American Automobile Association (AAA). They offer three different types of membership. The three membership types are basic, standard, plus, and premium. Every membership package offers advantages, and each membership plan’s cost varies according to the advantages offered, the state, and the region.

Additionally, these membership programs offer consumers several discounts, travel perks, and other benefits. It is especially helpful for those who travel frequently and cover long distances. You can select a membership package depending on your needs and financial situation. Traveling in confidence is possible with AAA.

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How long before I can use AAA after joining?

Membership typeWhen can I use it?
AAA Basic MembershipImmediately
AAA Plus and Premier ServiceAfter 7 days of enrollment

Several clubs that serve various states and regions make up the AAA organization. As a result, we cannot say how much the yearly membership will cost. The advantages of membership could range slightly depending on the location. The coverage provided by the AAA membership does not extend to your car. 

AAA also offers Plus and Premium memberships, with extra perks like free gasoline, car rental savings, towing your vehicle a set distance, etc. The pricing will change in line with the added features. The state and region have an impact on the costs as well. For a subscription to plus membership, you must pay 50% more than the basic membership fee, and for a subscription to premium membership, you must pay twice that amount.

Many people are aware of the savings offered by the AAA membership program. In addition, merchants, hotels, hotels, and other establishments offer discounts on theme park admission, movie tickets, and other items. 

While some of these deals are only available in-store, most are accessible exclusively. For hotels, you must make reservations directly with the business to qualify for AAA savings.

Booking via third-party websites is not going to allow you to do this. Instead, you may check the website of your local AAA to see whether you qualify for the savings. Each level of AAA membership offers us various services, each with a varied price depending on where we are located, as well as a variety of advantages and savings.

Why is it usable right after joining?

The basic AAA membership includes services including automobile maintenance. For instance, roadside assistance is available if you have locked your keys inside your vehicle and are stranded on the road. They will come to your aid immediately as they get to your area. In addition, they’ll never abandon you on the side of the road without repairing your car.

The travel agents have access to 24/7 services, travel privileges, and savings for AAA members. A person’s needs can utilize each benefit. There are no cash back regulations or other unique schemes, like credit card rewards.  

The cost of a AAA plus or premium membership is a tad on the high side considering all the additional perks it offers, like free gasoline, roadside help for flat tires or other breakdowns, car rentals for a day, and towing up to 100 miles.

Many people might believe that paying for these memberships is pointless and a waste of money; however, this is untrue. AAA memberships are quite beneficial, especially when you travel extensively. There are no breakdowns or roadside repairs to worry about. While traveling, you may be at ease and have a serene mind. 

When someone finds themselves in a difficult circumstance, they may get confused and unsure how to escape. In such circumstances, AAA may be quite useful and can assist us in safe arrival at our destination.

Is it worthwhile to join AAA?

After looking at the advantages of AAA membership, we can undoubtedly say yes! For the past 119 years, AAA membership plans have offered their exclusive members a broad range of privileges.

Roadside assistance

The largest perk of a AAA membership is the car roadside assistance. Say your automobile suddenly breaks down while you are en route to see your closest friend who lives in a distant city. You attempted to be a mechanic, but it failed. You were forced to contact a tow truck and postpone your journey.

Now that your trip has been disrupted, the tow truck is taking an eternity to show up. But things would have been different if you had a AAA membership. You would have called roadside assistance, and someone would have arrived right away to assist you in getting back on the road!

The following are some of the AAA’s roadside assistance services:

  • Free tire replacement
  • Battery replacement
  • Emergency locksmith services
  • Free delivery fuel cost
  • Free towing services up for 100 to 200 miles 
  • Bicycle support

AAA membership discounts

Hotel savings are regarded as the second-most valuable perk of AAA membership. Furthermore, rental vehicle companies give members extra benefits with AAA membership insurance.

Check out the deals that AAA offers:

  • Hotel discounts ranging from 5% to 15% at Marriott, Hilton, MGM Resorts, and Best Western
  • Discounts on booking tours, organizing cruises, and travel guides for groups of people
  • 20% discount on vehicle rent with Hertz International driving permits
  • Complimentary Hertz Gold Plus Rewards memberships
  • Discounts for museums and theme parks

It doesn’t stop there.  AAA members can receive gym savings and AAA membership renewal discounts with their Costco membership discount. Here are a few more examples:

  • Best Buy merchant discounts
  • Home insurance, auto loans, and AAA life insurance
  • Discounted movie tickets and flower delivery services

More perks

Disney tickets are easily accessible with the AAA travel discount. Get professional guidance on your upcoming Disney visit by contacting AAA. There are also a few other services available, such as:

  • Security services for homes
  • Services for changing the oil and the tires on vehicles
  • Free monitoring for identity theft
  • A wide range of AAA DMV services:  renewal and replacement of driver’s licenses, issue of duplicate learner’s permits
  • 24-hour help for travel emergencies

Cost of AAA membership

How much does it cost to join AAA? If you’re wondering how much an AAA membership costs annually, you should know that there are yearly and monthly fees. Keep in mind that charges vary by state. View the pricing range below if you’d prefer to pay annually:

  • AAA Classic membership costs between $38 and $74 annually, plus $25 to $48 for each new member.
  • Membership in AAA Plus costs between $60 and $124 annually and between $34 and $80 for each new member.
  • The annual cost of a AAA Premier membership ranges from $77 to $164 and $45 to $109 for each additional member.

Insurance and AAA

The most well-known service that AAA offers is roadside assistance. However, they also provide their members with various policy alternatives and insurance. The insurance program for AAA members offers the following forms of coverage:

  • New car coverage
  • Health insurance coverage
  • Homeowner’s insurance
  • Protection from personal injury
  • Dental protection (Massachusetts and Rhode Island only)
  • Insurance for small businesses

Coverage for AAA Auto Insurance

You can pick from the following biggest vehicle groups: 

  • Auto Club Group 
  • CSAA Insurance Group 
  • Auto Club of Southern California Insurance Group

Safety inspection and the ability to pay in full are two insurance reductions offered by AAA membership. However, the main drawback of AAA membership insurance is the regional variation in member discounts.

Pros and cons


  • Several discounts
  • Lease gap coverage is available
  • Financial ratings are favorable
  • Trip interruption insurance and other extras for road trips included


  • Only AAA members are eligible for protection
  • Unique discounts and offer a change from one state to the next

AAA membership levels

The cost varies from state to state and is paid annually or monthly for membership. There are three degrees of membership in AAA:

  • AAA Basic membership (classic) 
  • AAA Plus membership 
  • AAA Premier membership

The following services, which vary from state to state, are covered by AAA membership plans. Examine them all and select the AAA membership that best meets your requirements.

AAA ServicesAAA BasicAAA PlusAAA Premier
Roadside Assistance4 roadside assistance calls per year + towing up to 5 miles4 roadside assistance calls + towing until 100 miles4 roadside assistance calls + towing until 10 miles along with an additional 200-mile tow
Battery ServiceJumpstart and battery replacementJumpstart and battery replacement Jumpstart and battery replacement 
Fuel DeliveryFree fuel delivery, but member shoulders fuel costFree fuel delivery but just enough to get to the gas stationFree fuel delivery but just enough to get to the gas station
Flat Tire ReplacementFree tire change Free tire change Free tire change
Emergency Lock and KeyLocksmith services (up to $50)Locksmith services (up to $100)Locksmith services (up to $150) 
Extrication/WinchingExtrication/winching with 1 service vehicle Extrication/winching with 2 service vehiclesExtrication/winching with 2 service vehicles
Bicycle Support2 free of charge service calls per year up to 10 miles2 free of charge service calls per year up to 10 miles2 free of charge service calls per year up to 10 miles
Trip-Continuation ReimbursementUp to $500Up to $1000Up to $1500
Additional BenefitsVary according to the membership plan

Contact Details

Only inside the United States or Canada, dial 1-800-AAA-HELP (1-800-222-4357) to reach AAA’s Emergency Road Service. Depending on where you are, your service call will be forwarded to the relevant area. You must present your current home club membership card to use AAA services.

Please use your cell phone or other devices to look for the AAA office nearest your area if you need to find a local branch.

Travel Services & Information

For information on how to use AAA’s online travel resources, such as TripTik® Travel Planner, which includes digital maps, customized itineraries, and the entirety of AAA’s TourBooks®, as well as car and hotel reservations, get in touch with your local club.

Final thoughts

Several companies are offering roadside help. But many individuals are familiar with AAA. They are renowned for the wonderful services they offer to the public. You can also get some of the services AAA offers through your auto insurance, credit card, cellular plan, in-car subscription, or any other company that offers roadside assistance.


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