How Long Can I Take ZMA After Calcium?

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How long after Calcium can I take ZMA? After 4-6 hours, the exact answer is:

ZMA is mainly composed of zinc and Magnesium. It also contains other ingredients such as aspartate and vitamin B6. Zinc benefits not just the immune system but also the muscles.

zma and calcium

Magnesium is essential for maintaining muscle health and managing duration.

Vitamin B6 aids in the increase of energy levels in our body. According to the producers of ZMA, enhancing these three nutrients in your body will increase muscle strength and stamina.

Other benefits include increased speed, muscular healing, higher quality, and more tranquil sleep.

Similarly, Calcium is a crucial component of having vital enough bones for a well-built physique. Therefore, calcium intake is required as part of our daily diet. Calcium is the building ingredient of our bodies, according to research.

Our bodies’ toughest things are primarily composed of calcium components. Calcium also has a role in the sharp laboring of several nerve functions. Calcium’s key role is to transmit information from the brain to the rest of the body.

How long can I take ZMA after Calcium?

  • The time interval between calcium and ZMA consumption is 4-6 hours.
  • The duration of Calcium’s presence in the body is 5 hours.

The consumption ratio for the items we use is 20-30 mg Zinc and 400-500 mg Magnesium. This supplement should be avoided when combined with Calcium since Calcium inhibits the entrance of zinc absorption in the body. We should keep in mind that any ZMA with a small amount of Calcium in it should be avoided.

ZMA has a consumption pattern. It should be taken after supper, with a healthy 2-hour break, as recommended by exporters. You may also take it after taking other vitamins, but ensure there is at least a 30-minute delay.

As previously stated, the most critical vitamin generally conflicts with most known drugs. If we consider MVM to be a blood thinner similar to warfarin, the little quantity of vitamin K contained in it can readily reduce its potency.

If you consume more than 1000 mg of vitamin E, your chances of bleeding rise. Taking Magnesium, Calcium, or iron supplements within 4 hours after taking thyroid medicine lowers bodily strength. It is preferable to ask our doctor to schedule the medicine to achieve the best results.

So, any probable common difficulties that may lead to higher health concerns that might lead to a harmful situation are avoided. As a result, a minimum of 4-6 hours is required between ingesting the calcium supplement and ZMA for the maximum effective outcome and to avoid issues.

Why am I able to take ZMA so long after Calcium?

If we look at any expert study or studies, we can observe that the interaction of Calcium and zinc is quite dangerous. According to research, absorbing Calcium and zinc simultaneously blocks the entrance, preventing zinc supplements from entering and perhaps causing zinc imbalances in the human body.

Calcium is also an essential nutrient for maintaining a healthy gut. You must drink this to keep your transportation and absorption processes operational. Maintaining a balance of calcium and magnesium concentrations is critical to keeping the lumen active.

Maintaining a little greater Magnesium and calcium content is beneficial to the lumen.

Most fitness-conscious people and bodybuilders favor zinc magnesium aspartate, a beneficial product for overall body health. Vitamin B6, zinc, and Magnesium are all-powerful ZMA constituents.

The majority of exporters and experts suggest it. This is because it promotes muscle growth and significantly enhances your sleep cycle.

Zinc mineral has been discovered to be a required alternative for many enzymes and actively participates in metabolism, indigestion, and numerous physiological functions.

Magnesium is involved in hundreds of chemical processes in the human body and boosts energy levels. In addition, vitamin B6, an essential component, is present. And which is required for activities such as neurotransmitter substitution, nutrition metabolism, and so on.

What exactly is ZMA?

ZMA is a popular supplement that usually comprises the following ingredients:

  • Zinc monomethionine (30 mg) satisfies 270 percent of the RDA (RDI)
  • Magnesium aspartate: 450 mg (about 110 percent of the RDI).
  • 10–11 mg of vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) — 650% of the RDI

However, other manufacturers make ZMA supplements with different types of zinc and Magnesium, as well as additional vitamins and minerals.

What Exactly Is Calcium?

Calcium doesn’t require much of an introduction from me. It is, as you may know, a mineral that has the primary function of strengthening bones. A bodybuilder, on the other hand, values calcium supplements more.

Calcium is found in trace amounts in our blood as well as in our body cells. As a result, we must go beyond calcium bonding with our bones and have a thorough understanding of it.

It is a component of our circulatory system. This implies that Calcium performs many activities, including blood clotting, heart pumping, brain activity, and, most crucially, muscle contractions.

Bodybuilders must remember this truth. Calcium is essential for muscular contractions and, as a result, for promoting muscle development.

The reason you need a calcium supplement when bulking up has to do with human body science. Calcium absorption decreases considerably beyond the age of 25. As a result, you may require it to maintain healthy bone health. Aside from that, it is required for proper muscle function and hormone synthesis in the human body.

Remember these two facts concerning calcium supplementation:

  1. First, avoiding bone stress, such as fractures, is necessary during strenuous exercise.
  2. It is necessary for proper muscle structure and function. You and I both require a calcium supplement to maintain peak muscular function.

Which is superior? ZMA or Calcium?

I’m sure it now seems more pertinent to address ZMA and Calcium together. So it is natural for us to draw parallels between the two before delving into the ZMA calcium diet.

At first glance, it may be more vital to take simply Calcium. This is because it’s a requirement I would be unable to exercise. Still, it’s necessary to consider it from the standpoint of a bodybuilder, which is why ZMA and Calcium are being compared.

Again, if I consider myself a bodybuilder, the advantages of Calcium may appear stronger or even comparable.

Muscle contractions, performance, and so on. If Calcium is already being taken, why take ZMA on top of it?

That is a good issue; however, supplement details are crucial for bodybuilders. Therefore, I will create a chart to illustrate why you may need both ZMA and Calcium; the ultimate decision will be based on your unique schedule, as ZMA-like supplementation is only required during intense exercises.

Calcium helps to build bones.ZMA boosts immunity.
Calcium is required for muscular relaxation.ZMA improves anabolic hormone levels. In short, it increases hormones that aid protein synthesis and, thus, build lean muscle mass.
Calcium helps to increase muscular endurance.ZMA raises anabolic hormone levels or hormones that promote protein synthesis and grow lean muscle mass.
Calcium helps to increase muscular contraction.ZMA is a kind of t-booster. Testosterone decreases muscle stress and increases protein synthesis following a strenuous workout session.
High-intensity activities that cause a lot of perspiration cause calcium loss in the blood.ZMA stimulates thyroid hormone synthesis, stimulating muscle metabolism and increasing muscle energy levels.
Intensity also causes weaker bones, which necessitates the consumption of Calcium.High-intensity exercise causes a loss of zinc, Magnesium, and vitamin B6, which are essential for muscular health.

Both ZMA and Calcium help to increase muscle function. After excessive sweating, you lose both ZMA (composition) and Calcium. You require both ZMA and Calcium since they are two different nutrients. As I previously stated, you must rotate your supplements and provide your body with the best nourishment possible.

Are you able to take ZMA & Calcium together?

A brief online search will reveal that it is not advisable to combine ZMA with Calcium. This stated information, however, is incomplete. Therefore, the next step is to learn more about ZMA calcium timing.

The ZMA and calcium idea has been abandoned because any other mineral, such as Magnesium, iron, or Calcium, can hinder the total absorption of zinc in the body (intestine).

But isn’t ZMA composed of zinc and Magnesium? The ratio of these minerals at a specific moment in time is explained below.

If you combine these four minerals, none of the minerals, namely zinc, Calcium, Magnesium, and iron, should surpass an upper limit of 800 mg. Furthermore, because they employ a single bodily transporter to reach the gut, no one mineral should overwhelm or stress the pathway.

Before I go into detail about ZMA calcium, I should explain that the ZMA supplement contains 30 mg of zinc and 450 mg of Magnesium. Why is there a larger magnesium-dose? The zinc type in ZMA is of high-graded adequate quality, and Magnesium enhances zinc absorption.

Take ZMA and Calcium at different times to promote digestion of both minerals. On an empty stomach, there are differences between morning and evening supplements, such as Calcium in the morning and ZMA before bedtime, because it has sleep-inducing properties.

Never, ever combine ZMA and Calcium. Do not even take ZMA with a calcium-rich dairy product. This is a fundamental sense when it comes to supplements. Zinc, like Calcium, interferes with amino acid distribution in the body.

We also advocate taking ZMA first thing in the morning.

Dosage of ZMA and recommendations

ZMA is available for purchase online and at health food and supplement stores. It comes in a variety of forms, including capsules and powder.

The following are typical dose recommendations for the nutrients in ZMA:

  • Zinc monomethionine (30 mg) satisfies 270 percent of the RDI.
  • Magnesium aspartate: 450 mg (about 110 percent of the RDI).
  • 10–11 mg of vitamin B6 — 650% of the RDI

This is the same as taking three ZMA pills or three scoops of ZMA powder. Most supplement labels, however, encourage women to take two capsules or two scoops of powder.

Overdoes of zinc can have adverse side effects, so don’t take more than the prescribed amount.

ZMA is frequently recommended to be taken on an empty stomach 30–60 minutes before bed. This stops zinc from interacting with other nutrients such as Calcium.


There are several restrictions to using supplements and vitamins, and the dosages vary. They, too, have a significant interval between dosages. Doctors most likely do not recommend taking two supplements containing different elements since they might induce nerve blockage, which can result in severe health problems such as paralysis and even coma, among other things.


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