How Long Does a Home Insurance Claim Take in Florida?

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Are you considering filing a home insurance claim in Florida? If so, you’re likely wondering how long the process will take.

Don’t worry – this blog post has all the information you need to understand what to expect from start to finish! We’ll cover the basics of filing a claim and provide tips for speeding up the process.

Home Insurance claim

Acknowledgment of Communication Within 14 Days

Property claim attorneys Legal Grit in Florida told us when you first notify your insurance carrier about your accident; they must acknowledge receipt of your claim within 14 days. This is by the laws in Florida, which require that all communication regarding a claim must be acknowledged within this timeframe.

If the insurance company fails to do this, they may breach their contractual agreement and face legal repercussions. Furthermore, insurers must accept or deny the claim within 90 days unless factors beyond their control prevent it. It is important to understand the legal implications if your insurance provider approves or denies your claim so that you can take the necessary steps to protect yourself.

Insurance Companies Have 90 Days to Notify You of Acceptance or Denial

In Florida, insurance companies have 90 days to decide on a homeowner’s claim. This period starts when the insurer receives notice of an initial, reopened, or supplemental property insurance claim from a policyholder.

Within this timeframe, the insurer must provide a notice to the policyholder advising them of the acceptance or denial of the claim. If accepted, the insurer must also provide payment for the claim within 60 days. It’s important to note that this period may be different if factors beyond the insurer’s control prevent them from deciding in 90 days.

After the insurer has decided, you can expect payment for your claim in a few days to a few weeks. Understanding your legal rights in such cases and any contractual implications that may arise if your insurance provider approves or denies your claim is essential.

When You First Notify Your Insurance Carrier About Your Accident

When you first notify your insurance carrier about an accident or property damage, they must acknowledge your communication within 14 days. This is why keeping records of all communication between you and your insurer is important.

If the parties agree to a settlement, Florida law 627.4265 requires the insurance company to pay the claim within 20 days. However, the actual time for receiving payment can vary depending on the complexity of the claim. Sometimes, it can take anywhere from a couple of days to months to get your payment after the insurance company approves your claim.

Insurance Policies Are Considered Contractual Agreements in Florida

In Florida, insurance policies are contractual agreements between you and your insurance provider. This means that they must abide by the terms of the agreement, including timely responses to any claims you file. If the insurer fails to live up to their end of the agreement, they may be in breach of contract. It’s important to understand the legal implications if your insurance provider approves or denies your claim.

Insurance Company May Be In Breach if They Refuse to Pay Your Claim

If your insurance provider refuses to pay your claim, they may breach the home insurance policy. Under Florida law, if an insurer does not pay or deny a claim within 90 days, the insurer is considered to be in breach of the policy. This means that you may be able to take legal action against the insurer.

Furthermore, if the insurer acknowledges your claim but fails to pay within 40 days, they may be in breach of contract, and you may be able to seek damages or other remedies. Understanding the legal implications of any claims acceptance or denial from your insurance provider is important.

It’s important to understand that insurance policies are legally binding contracts, and your insurance carrier must respond to a claim within 90 days of filing. If your insurance provider approves or denies your claim, they must communicate the decision in writing. If the company rejects your claim, they must provide you with the reasons for denial in writing.

Furthermore, if the company agrees to cover the property damage, they must tender payment within 20 days of agreeing with you. If the insurer fails to send payment or denies your claim after 90 days, they may be considered to be in breach of contract with you.


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