How Long Does Brazilian Butt Lift Last? How To Make It Last Longer

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People nowadays are obsessed with appearing well and handsome. As a result, many women seek Brazilian butt lifts. It is cosmetic surgery to contour and improve the appearance of your butt. Is the Brazilian Buttock Lift a permanent procedure? No, it doesn’t. It is not permanent, as is any cosmetic surgery.

How long does the Brazilian butt-lift last? Your Brazilian butt-lift results are semi-permanent. However, because your fat cells fluctuate over time, it is difficult for your operation to provide a lasting result.

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When you take the right procedures to preserve your results, you may realistically expect to keep 60-70 percent of the fat deposited into your buttocks for many years. As a result, Brazilian butt lift results can persist for decades without requiring a follow-up procedure.

What things influence how long they will last?

The outcomes of a Brazilian butt lift differ from patient to patient. In some circumstances, it may last many years, while in others, it may endure several decades. It all depends on how cautious you are during the recuperation period.

It will persist for eight months if adequate care is done after the therapy. The outcomes are influenced by factors such as hydration, metabolism, weight reduction, and lifestyle.

What Exactly Is a Brazilian Butt Lift?

A Brazilian butt lift, also known as SSBA (Safe Subcutaneous Buttock Augmentation), consists of two procedures: liposuction and augmentation.

Liposuction removes extra fat from places such as the belly, hips, lower back, or thighs. For the extrication, a surgeon inserts a tiny tube called a cannula attached to a vacuum.

The harvested fat is then prepared for transfer and injected into the buttocks regions to improve form and size. However, in certain situations, a portion of the transplanted fat may not respond well to the relocation. Therefore, surgeons may inject more than is necessary to guarantee that the outcomes satisfy your expectations and goals. In addition, if the bulk of the cells dies, regrafting may be required in the future.

Although the treatment is referred to as a “lift,” it does not use the same approach as arm or thigh lifts. The procedure also does not address excess sagging or loose skin surrounding the region.

General anesthesia, IV sedation, or a mix of local and mild PO (by mouth) sedation, commonly known as awake liposuction, can be used to finish the procedure. The kind of anesthetic used is determined by what you are most comfortable with and what the surgeon feels is safest and most feasible for each patient.

What Is the Distinction Between a Brazilian Butt lift and Butt Implants?

A Brazilian butt lift employs surplus fat to create a natural-looking bottom, whereas buttock implants require inserting silicone implants into your tush. The latter has been marketed as the less natural-looking and more intrusive choice.

It also increases the risk of infection, and capsular contracture when internal tissue and scarring compress and stiffen the implant. Because the implant might get misplaced, the procedure may need to be repeated.

On the other hand, those with a very low body fat percentage may not have enough fat to transfer, and butt implants may be the only method to obtain the required results.

Is Brazilian butt lift Permanent?

When they hear about a Brazilian butt lift, the first question is whether or not the operations are permanent. And, as much as we’d like to assure you it’s permanent, the truth is a little more complicated than a simple yes or no.

The quick answer, though, is yes. A successful BBL will continue for a very long time. However, other factors might impact the long-term viability of your BBL. Continue reading to find out more.

What is the operation of a Brazilian butt lift?

We can assist you if you are wondering about how this method works. This section will show you how a BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift) works.

  1. Marking: First, the location from which fat will be extracted and the area where it will be injected are indicated.
  2. Anesthesia is administered in the form of general anesthesia.
  3. Preparation: Surgery preparation has been completed.
  4. Incisions: Incisions are used to eliminate fat.
  5. Tumescent Fluid: This is injected into the affected regions to numb them.
  6. Fat harvesting: Fat harvesting occurs.
  7. Transfer: The collected fat is moved to the buttocks.
  8. Sutures are used to seal the incision site.

What are the advantages of a Brazilian butt lift?

Here is a list of the advantages of BBL.

  • Natural-looking outcomes: Because own body fat is used instead of silicon, the results appear natural.
  • Roundness: It creates a perfectly round butt without any unnecessary lumps.
  • Form: It offers your buttocks a great shape that evolves with age.
  • Clothing: It makes garments fit your body better by allowing them to fit snugly around your buttocks.
  • Low Risk: This natural procedure has a lesser risk of infection.
  • It aids in the development of self-confidence.

Brazilian butt lift side effects include:

Although it is useful, there are certain adverse effects that many people experience.

  • Infection: Although the odds of infection are low, they do exist.
  • Scarring: The procedure may result in a scar in the region where an incision is made.
  • Pain: This operation may be excruciatingly painful. Although anesthetic is used, you may experience discomfort as it wears off.
  • Lumps: Lumps may form beneath the skin in various instances.
  • Health Concerns: If the fat gets into your lungs or heart, it might cause serious complications. It does, however, happen in rare circumstances.

What is the cost of a Brazilian butt lift?

The cost is normally determined by various criteria, including the doctor’s experience and the location of the procedure.

It is dependent on,

  • The duration of the procedure
  • Cost of the operation room
  • Medication Fees After-Operation Fees
  • Surgical technique

If performed by reputable doctors, the average cost of a BBL operation is $8,000 to $10,000.

You may also choose low-cost surgery that costs less than $5,000.

When Is It Safe to Sit After a Brazilian Butt lift?

To avoid disturbing the transplanted fat, avoid sitting and other activities that exert direct pressure on the buttocks for at least two weeks. This is because pressure might cause the injected fat cells to die or migrate to other places, undermining the outcomes.

When the doctor re-injects the processed fat cells, the only way for the cells to survive is for blood vessels to form within them. The nutrients cannot enter the cells if the area is squeezed by sitting on it.

As a result, blood vessels will not form in the location, and the fat may perish, or the transplant may fail. So instead, your surgeon may allow you to sit on a special donut-shaped cushion that applies pressure on your thighs after two weeks.

How Long Must You Wear a Compression Garment?

You will need to wear a compression garment, often known as a faja, for up to six weeks to reduce bruising and swelling and aid in retracting loose skin. Your doctor may also advise you to have lymphatic massages regularly to assist control side effects, but make sure the person doing the massage is familiar with BBL aftercare.

Sex Following a Brazilian Butt Lift

Many doctors advise waiting three to four weeks after therapy before having intercourse to prevent placing body weight strain on the buttocks.

How Soon Will the Results Be Visible?

Are you curious about the outcome of your Brazilian butt lift? You will notice a significant increase in volume right away, but it may take up to four months to get your ultimate results.

During this period, part of the volume linked with the surgery will be lost, and up to 40% of the transplanted fat cells may be lost.

Many patients decide to undergo a Brazilian butt lift revision after witnessing their final results. Asymmetry or less-than-ideal outcomes may also be addressed by transferring more fat to the buttocks, but you must have fat left over to harvest from other regions.

Will the Brazilian Butt Lift Require Additional Procedures?

If the recommendations above are followed appropriately, a single Brazilian butt lift treatment can last for decades without requiring subsequent surgeries. Some patients choose to have another treatment later in life to repair sagging caused by the natural aging process; however, this is entirely elective.

Other patients may choose skin tightening treatments to keep their outcomes. However, as previously said, everything depends on how well you take care of your body in the weeks, months, and years following your initial treatment.

How Can I Extend the Duration of My Brazilian Butt Lift Results?

We usually mention it for every operation, but if you don’t properly follow your surgeon’s post-op instructions after the BBL, you risk losing crucial deposited fat cells. So, if your doctor instructs you to wear a compression garment, wear it.

These garments aid in the reduction of swelling and bruising, the prevention of infection, the smoothing of your skin, and the preservation of your newly formed buttocks.

Your doctor will also advise you not to sit on your butt for at least two weeks, which includes avoiding sleeping on your back or driving. We realize it sounds impossible, but we’ll give you some pointers on handling this portion of your recovery. The problem is that if you compress those freshly transplanted fat cells by sitting on them, you risk removing them, which you don’t want.

Smoking slows the healing process and reduces the likelihood of those fat cells surviving since it prevents enough good stuff like oxygen and nutrients from entering your bloodstream. Healthy blood flow is essentially a lifeline for your new fat cells.

Make your fat happy.

Did you know that fat prefers some types of meals over others? Eating nutrient-rich meals can greatly aid the recuperation process since you will supply your body with the minerals and vitamins required to be strong during this time.

So, plenty of fruits, veggies, whole grains, and all those wonderful things.

And fat likes it when you consume “healthy” fat, such as the fat found in avocados, olive oil, and salmon. This will keep you and your fat healthy and happy.

Exercise in ways that are beneficial to your recovery.

So, don’t get on a treadmill straight after your surgery; you’ll be advised to avoid any strenuous activity for at least 4-6 weeks, but you will be urged to engage in gentle exercise such as walking.

After that, you may gradually include more rigorous exercise into your regimen, but make sure it doesn’t strain your bottom, so no bikes!

Exercise is beneficial to the maintenance of your new fat cells since it boosts healthy blood flow to the area, and blood flow keeps those fat cells thriving.

Maintain a consistent weight

Therefore this may appear to be a no-brainer, but fat is fat, so if you suddenly start losing weight, those fat cells will shrink, and vice versa; if you suddenly start gaining weight, those fat cells will certainly increase.

Whether those fat cells shrink or develop rapidly, it can affect the shape of your fancy new butt, or if not your butt, it can modify the look of other sections of your body, meaning you may lose that appealing hourglass silhouette. Therefore, maintaining a steady weight following your BBL is so critical.

All of this being said, your body will age, your fat will change, your skin will change, you could get pregnant, and life occurs, so while the BBL is permanent and you will normally keep your BBL form, you should be aware that some factors may have an impact on its overall quality.

How can I locate a service provider?

Finding the correct practitioner to do the operation is critical. However, if you want to avoid complications after the procedure, you should interview the provider.

  • Before you go to a consultation, do some internet research.
  • Consultation: Before deciding on the best one, you may get advice from a professional.
  • Portfolio: Request a portfolio as well as photographs of previously treated patients.
  • Price: Select a service that does not charge excessive or exorbitantly high or low fees.


Brazilian Butt lifts cosmetic surgery is a huge deal. You should know how long a Brazilian butt lift lasts. Do your homework before deciding on surgery. Take adequate care following the procedure to ensure that it lasts as long as possible.


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