How Long Does Red Bull Last? Shelf Life

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As of 2019, it is the most popular energy drink brand, accounting for 38% of the market. Red Bull has sold over 100 billion cans globally since its introduction in 1987.

It’s also one of the most common vitamins and sports supplements sold today.

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But how long does Red Bull last? Unfortunately, not all is what it seems with this popular drink. Read on for more information about why Red Bull is not all it claims to be.

The Shelf Life of Red Bull: Does it go bad?

Red Bull does expire or “go bad.” Red Bull has an expiry date between 18 and 24 months following the date of manufacture. Despite this, the drink can be eaten safely 6-9 months after its expiration date.

Here’s how long Red Bull lasts depending on whether you have opened the can.

How Long Does Red Bull Last Unopened?

The shelf life of energy drinks, including that of Red Bull, is quite long. If you check the date printed by the manufacturer at the bottom of the can, you will most likely see that the drink is good for 18-24 months.

But as with most foods and drinks, this is the manufacturer’s estimation of how long the drink will maintain its best qualities. This is why it is probably safe to drink Red Bull when it is 6-9 months past the printed date.

There may be two reasons why unopened Red Bull and canned energy drinks generally last so long. Firstly, you know that Red Bull isn’t all-natural, don’t you? However, it contains preservatives that make it shelf-stable.

The second canned drink manufacturers may use sterilizing the drink. This is done by exposing the drink to high temperatures when it’s ready.

High temperatures kill all bacteria in the drink, which ensures its long shelf life. Once the drink is sterilized, it’s cooled and canned.

How Long Does Red Bull Last Once Opened?

Red Bull is at its best when you have just opened the can. However, it is a common practice to drink all fizzy beverages at once after you have opened them.

However, if you find that the entire can of Red Bull contains too much caffeine or sugar for your liking, drinking half of it is more than reasonable. But can you drink the rest of Red Bull the following day?

You can store an opened can of Red Bull in the fridge and drink it within 2-4 days. The sooner you drink it, the better it will taste, as it gradually loses its flavor and fizz once you open it.

Signs That Red Bull Has Gone Bad

First, if you have had an opened can of Red Bull, we recommend you don’t drink it if it has been sitting in your fridge for longer than recommended.

And even if it has been only 1-2 days, but the drink has an off-putting smell or taste, discard it and open a new can.

When it comes to unopened Red Bull, start by checking the expiration date of the drink. You will typically find it printed at the bottom of the can.

As mentioned, Red Bull is good for consumption up to 9 months past the printed date. If it has been longer, it is best to buy a fresh can.

If the Red Bull is still good according to the date printed on the can, you shouldn’t consume it if it is swollen.

The can of the energy drink can swell for two reasons, and in both cases, consuming the drink isn’t safe.

First, the can may swell due to hydrogen gas being produced. This happens when the acidic compounds in the drink start to react with the metal walls of the can. As a result, the can expands.

Bacterial contamination is the second reason a Red Bull can be swollen and indicates that the drink has gone bad. Finally, while Red Bull is shelf-stable, it may go bad due to improper shipping or storage conditions.

Another sign that you should discard the can of Red Bull is discoloration and rusting around the cap. In addition, the part where you open the can may get damaged, and the drink may leak. If this happens, it’s no longer to drink Red Bull.

What Happens If You Drink Expired Red Bull?

Drinking Red Bull 6-9 months past the printed date is not harmful so long as you have been storing it properly.

However, we recommend you don’t consume Red Bull, which has expired for longer.

Not only does the expired drink lose its energy-boosting properties, but it also undergoes flavor changes. Also, drinking Red Bull that has long expired isn’t very safe.

To avoid drinking expired Red Bull, we recommend you always check the expiration date on the can before buying it. Also, don’t buy too many cans all at once if you don’t drink them regularly.

What Is The Best Way To Store Red Bull?

So, unopened Red Bull has a very long shelf life and may be consumed even when it is past its expiration date. But this is true only when you store Red Bull correctly.

You have probably noticed that some stores sell Red Bull refrigerated while others don’t. As a result, you can store Red Bull both in the fridge and at room temperature.

Store Red Bull in the fridge if you like having your drink chilled. But if you don’t mind it being room temperature or drink it with ice anyway, store it in the pantry or kitchen cabinet.

There are three rules to follow. Firstly, Red Bull should be stored in a cool, dark, and dry place.

Secondly, you shouldn’t store Red Bull where the temperature fluctuates, as this will affect the quality of the drink. And lastly, keep the can of Red Bull away from direct sunlight.

As for opening Red Bull, you already know that you should keep it in the fridge. So you may store the Red Bull in the fridge if you drink it within a few hours. But know that it will gradually lose its fizz.

If you know the drink will sit in the fridge for a couple of days, we recommend you transfer it into a bottle with a lid to preserve its flavor and fizz.

Can You Freeze Red Bull?

You can chill Red Bull in the freezer for a few moments, but you should never leave it there for too long. Likewise, no carbonated drink should ever go into the freezer as it is at risk of blowing up.

This happens because when the water freezes, it expands. As a result, they can be designed for less volume and not fit the drink. So they can pop, and you are left with a messy freezer and lots of cleaning.

If you are determined to freeze Red Bull but don’t know how the only option is to freeze it in ice cube trays.

When the drink is frozen, you can remove the ice cubes from the tray and transfer them into a zip-top plastic bag for easy access and convenient storage.

Red Bull ice cubes will last very long. Whenever you need a boost of energy, you can put a couple of cubes in your juice if you feel like it.

This method will also prevent you from consuming the entire can of Red Bull while still enjoying its flavor.


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