How Long Does Swelling Persist After Inguinal Hernia Surgery?

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Following inguinal hernia surgery, swelling is relatively typical. Swelling following hernia surgery is often normal and not an indication of a problem. The body’s typical reaction to surgery is the most frequent cause of edema.

The body might take three to six months to eliminate the swelling following hernia surgery since it is typical for there to be some swelling during the healing process. Sometimes the swelling can persist for more than six months in patients with very big inguinal hernias that reach down to the scrotum.

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What is a Hernia?

When soft tissue or an internal organ protrudes into a location where it shouldn’t be by rupturing the surrounding muscle or pushing through a weak spot, it develops a hernia. Hernias are a relatively prevalent issue frequently brought on by a mix of strained and weak muscles. They can have varied symptoms or degrees of severity and can affect adults, kids, and neonates for various causes.

What Can Cause a Hernia?

Soft tissue like the intestines can protrude through overworked or weak muscles, often in the abdominal wall, to form a hernia. Muscles may be more susceptible to hernias due to certain causes, and these variables can interact to enhance the risk that a hernia will develop.

Hernias frequently develop as a result of the following:

  • Obesity
  • Family history
  • Congenital defects
  • Pregnancy
  • Straining from constipation
  • Age
  • Previous surgeries 
  • Chronic coughing
  • Injury

What Symptoms Can Indicate an Inguinal Hernia?

A protrusion in the groin area accompanied by pressure, pain, or discomfort at the protrusion, particularly while lifting, coughing, or bending, are signs of an inguinal hernia. Usually, these symptoms go away when you’re resting. Men may also experience testicular swelling.

When you lie on your back, you might be able to push the herniated tissue back gently. If your inguinal hernia is tiny, you might not have any symptoms. If you fear you might have a hernia, consult your doctor.

How Long Does It Take a Patient To Heal From Hernia Surgery?

The recovery period and pain from minimally invasive hernia repair surgery are typically shorter than those from open surgery. The minimally invasive hernia repair surgeries also use smaller incisions. Hernia operations performed by laparoscopy and robotics are regarded as “minimally invasive.” Compared to those who undergo traditional open surgery, patients treated using these methods typically stay in the hospital for fewer days and recover more quickly.

Patients can usually return home the same day or following an overnight recovery from minimally invasive hernia surgery. The patient can participate in light activities after one or two weeks. Like open surgery, more invasive procedures may require an overnight stay, and the full recovery process often lasts six weeks.

Recovery Time After Hernia Surgery

The recovery time varies according to factors like:

  • Type of hernia: If you have an inguinal hernia, this is the most common form and often has fewer consequences.
  • Your age: Generally, younger patients heal more quickly than older ones.
  • Type of surgery conducted: Generally speaking, robotic or laparoscopic hernia surgery patients recover more quickly than individuals who undergo open surgery.
  • Your hernia surgeon’s level of experience: According to research, having a hernia repaired by a skilled hernia surgeon reduces your chance of unfavorable outcomes.
  • Your general well-being: Patients who are relatively healthy recover more quickly than those with co-existing illnesses.


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