How Much Does Removing A Tree Stump Cost?

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Tree stumps may be both unattractive and hazardous. Homeowners should prioritize removal, but how much does it cost to remove a tree stump?

How much does it cost to remove a tree stump?

The cost of removing a tree stump is affected by various factors. You can avoid unfortunate surprises by learning about the costs and prices of tree stump removal. The usual cost varies according to age, accessibility, and overall project time.

tree stump
  • The typical pricing range for stump removal is $60 to $350.
  • The average price is $2 to $5 per inch of diameter.
  • Best/cheapest cost – $75 to $150, renting the equipment, do-it-yourself

What Factors contributing to total stump removal cost include:

The size of your stump.

Larger stumps generally have more intricate root systems, and tree stump removal services may charge between $100-$200 per hour for root removal. In addition, commercial grinders need to have attachments mainly designed to chip away at the roots, which can add cost, time, and effort to the project.

Geographic location impacts the cost in two ways – travel time and market cost.

Most professional services operate for a minimal cost, generally $100 within their service region. However, you might expect additional transport fees if you reside beyond that area. You should also expect to spend more in big metropolitan centers where accessibility, permits, insurance, and overhead push up expert stump removal prices. Rural places tend to be cheaper, yet most still have a baseline of $100 per work cost.

the type of Equipment

While grinders can work their way through most trees, certain specialists may demand a greater payment to grind a stump from particular tree kinds they think are more challenging to remove.

For example, the trunk and roots of many thick hardwood trees like birch, aspen, hickory, elm, and oak, can take more time for a saw to cut through, whereas a tree with soft bark, such as palms, and pine, may require less. Consult your local removal service for the actual cost of removing the stump.

The complexity of the root system

Unlike stump grinding, which leaves most of the root system in the ground, stump removal involves ripping out the whole root system together with the stump.

Removing roots is difficult, especially if the root system is big or adjacent to another structure. If the service provider charges by the hour, the more complicated the root system, the longer the process will take, and the higher your fee.

Time required for completion

Some tree service firms charge a set fee for stump removal, while others charge by the hour.

If you hired a company that charges by the hour and your stump takes an unusually long time to remove, anticipate the bill to increase. Factors such as a complicated root system or a high stump size may lengthen the removal process. The typical hourly stump removal charge is between $94 and $163.

Stump type

Regardless of the tree species, most specialists charge the exact cost per stump or diameter inch. However, some specialists may adjust their fees if a certain stump type is difficult to remove.

The more difficult it is to remove the stump and its root system, the longer the professional will need to work, raising your overall cost. Due to its thick wood and root systems, hardwoods such as birch, oak, or hickory may take much longer to remove than softwoods such as palm or pine.

How Much Does Stump Grinding Cost Depending on the Tree Type?

Certain tree species have more tenacious and spread-out roots, which may increase the expense of tree stump grinding. Others may have stronger bark, making cutting through it very difficult. In these cases, depending on the severity of the tree, you may be required to pay an additional $50 to $100.

Trees that may take longer to cut through include:

  • Aspen
  • Birch
  • Elm
  • Hickory
  • Oaks

Condition of the soil

If the stump to be removed is rooted in rocky ground, there may be an extra price. Why should this cost you more money? A professional’s equipment might be dulled or damaged by rocky terrain.

The dominating soil condition in the region will be reflected in the cost of most stump removal professionals. If rocky soil is abundant where you reside, tree service companies may already account for it in their pricing.


The cost of moving away debris is not typically included in the cost of stump removal by tree professionals.

If you want the remaining stump and roots removed from your property, anticipate spending an extra $2 per diameter inch. Some tree service companies may charge a set debris removal cost rather than by the inch.

Additional services

As you tend to the stump in your side yard, you may discover that just a few more tree activities need to be completed. For example, perhaps a tree limb is coming too near the windows, or a small tree will fit nicely in your rock garden if transplanted.

Cost of DIY stump removal vs. Professional stump removal

Removing a tree and chemically decaying the stump may be less expensive than hiring a professional, but it will not save time. These do-it-yourself methods also need significant work throughout the root removal process. Another difficulty is that most homeowners easily lack the technical tools to remove a root system.

Grinding a stump and manually removing its roots may also be exhausting labor. Furthermore, renting a grinder might be as expensive as hiring an expert.

The conclusion is that while DIY stump removal is possible, it is not necessarily less expensive than hiring a professional. DIY methods are time-consuming, and removing the root system without the specialized equipment of a professional is challenging.

What Is the Difference Between Stump Grinding and Stump Removal?

There are very few situations where you should pick stump grinding over tree stump removal. You should only consider stump grinding when it is impossible to remove the entire stump from the property.

The cost of tree stump removal is $100 to $200, greater than that of stump grinding. In addition, leaving roots alone may undermine your pavers, damage your home’s foundation, and kill your landscape.

Prices for professional stump removal

Professional stump removal costs about $165 on average across the country. It requires about one hour. Companies may charge based on a variety of factors:

  • You should expect to spend between $2 and $5 per inch if they charge by diameter. The majority of companies charge a minimum of $100. The greater the diameter, the higher the cost.
  • In terms of the number of stumps, many companies offer discounts to customers using more than one stump removal service. For example, you might be charged $100 – $150 for the first stump and $30 – $50 for each successive stump.
  • If you want a significant area of land cleaned and a large number of stumps, you should expect to pay a fixed hourly charge. Customers are typically charged roughly $150 per hour. In addition, you might be charged based on the average diameter of the stumps that need to be removed. For example, if the average diameter is 12 inches and you have 200 stumps, you will need to remove 2400 inches. You will pay $4800 if you pay $2 for each inch.
  • The soil condition might influence the cost of removing a tree stump. For example, some machine blades may be damaged by rocky soil, increasing the price by up to 50%.
  • Certain tree stumps are more difficult to grind than others; they may cost more.
  • Stumps with small root systems are less expensive to remove than stumps with large root systems.
  • You will also have to pay extra if you want the ground-up stump removed.

How Much Does Do-It-Yourself Stump Grinding Cost?

If you’re used to working with heavy gear and are confident in your abilities, a stump grinder may be rented for roughly $190. Because grinding only takes about a day, you can generally pick up the grinder in the morning and return it in the evening. This way, you have to pay for one day of rental.

However, if your stump is near a utility line or your home, you should leave it to the specialists. Then, when you choose a local stump removal company, they will be aware of the codes ahead of time. In addition, you won’t have to worry about the legality of the stump removal method.

Rates for a stump grinder

Professional stump grinding often costs around $200. The most common and successful technique of removing a tree stump is to hire a professional who will use a commercial grinder. In most circumstances, it costs roughly $3 per diameter inch. Clearing large areas or several stumps will cost around $150 per hour and take between one and two hours. The pace of the work is determined by the user’s competence and the quality of the stump grinder equipment.

Estimated Costs for Removing Without a Grinder

Hiring a professional using a commercial grinder is the most costly option. Other options include employing a chemical solution, burning it, or digging it out. Some specialists can dig out small ones by hand, but larger ones have too large roots to make this a feasible alternative.

Burning the tree stump

Burning a tree stump ranges from $6 to $100. These expenses are incurred by renting a power drill and purchasing potassium nitrate, such as Spectracide Stump Remover Granules. Homeowners who wish to save money and avoid hiring a professional might start a fire and burn the wood away. Before burning, verify with your local fire department and take all necessary safety procedures.

Chemical Rotting

Chemical remedies involve the least amount of work, although potassium nitrate might soften the wood for weeks before it is possible to remove. Rotting costs the same as burning, ranging from $6 to $100, and needs potassium nitrate and a drill.

Removing it manually

Stump removal costs between $50 and $350 and entails excavating and cutting through the tap root and any additional roots until the stump is free. Landscape tools such as shovels and axes add to the prices, which are on top of the average labor cost of $38 per hour.

How do I find a stump removal company?

Now that you know how much it will cost to remove a stump, it’s time to consider how you’ll find the right specialist for the task.

It is not enough to hire any landscaper or arborist. They must be trustworthy and have the necessary tools to complete the work correctly (with minimal damage to your yard and risk to your family).

  • Ask for recommendations from landscapers: Local arborists and yard care crews may be able to put you in touch with a stump grinder/remover. It’s usually a good idea to get recommendations from people you know rather than simply Google search results.
  • Use social media: When in doubt, Facebook and other social media sites are helpful resources for getting recommendations, particularly on a local scale.
  • Ask at your local parks: If you haven’t been able to locate a stump removal service, consider contacting local, state, or national parks. They will have contacts and may be able to recommend someone.

Can stump removal be combined with tree removal to reduce total costs?

Most of the time, stump removal cannot be combined with tree removal to save money. In addition, most tree services regard stump removal and tree removal as different services. So, if you want the stump removed after an arborist has chopped down your tree, you will have to pay an additional fee.

What is the difference between stump removal and stump grinding?

Stump removal involves pulling the entire stump out of the ground, including its root system. Stump grinding, on the other hand, reduces the stump to mulch or sawdust while leaving the roots in place. 

What is the point of having my stump removed?

There are several reasons why you should remove a tree stump from your yard, including:

  • Stumps can reduce curb appeal
  • Stumps can be tripping hazards
  • Pests such as termites and ants might attract stumps in your home or yard.
  • If a stump is infected, you should get it removed to preserve the surrounding trees.
  • The root system beneath the stump might be causing damage to your home or plumbing system.
  • Hitting a stump destroys the blades of your lawnmower


Hiring a professional to remove a tree stump might save you time and money. So you don’t have to lift a finger, hire a local tree care specialist to perform the hard work for you (or pull a muscle).

Professional stump removal costs between $175 and $516, with most homeowners spending $326. If it’s a small stump with few roots, you may even pay less than $100. However, you may have to charge your credit card over the $1,000 stump removal cost if it’s a massive stump with a complex root structure.


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