When Is The Best Time To Buy A New iPhone?

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Are you wondering when the best time is to buy a new iPhone? The timing of your purchase can make a significant difference in the price you pay and the features you get. Whether you’re looking for the latest model or considering a slightly older one, understanding when to buy can save you money and offer better value for your investment. In this editorial, we’ll take a detailed look at the factors to consider so you can make an informed decision.

The Apple Announcement Cycle

Apple hosts a major event every September to unveil its latest products, including new iPhone models. While there’s always speculation, no one really knows what will be announced until the big day. Pre-orders for the newest iPhones often commence during the event, becoming widely available within a couple of weeks. Being aware of Apple’s announcement cycle can help you plan your purchase more effectively.

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Pricing Stability: What to Expect

The price of the current iPhone models is set during the September event and generally stays the same until the next generation is launched. If you’re expecting a price drop or a special deal throughout the year on the current model, you’re out of luck. Apple maintains a stable pricing strategy, seldom offering discounts except when new models are introduced.

Discounts on Older Models

When the newest iPhones hit the market, the previous year’s model usually saw a price drop of about $100. Apple continues to produce and sell a couple of older models as well. If you’re okay with not having the absolute latest features, this can be an excellent opportunity to get a high-quality phone at a reduced price.

No Such Thing as a Free iPhone

Social media might occasionally present you with offers for a ‘free’ iPhone. Be cautious; these are often phishing schemes aimed at harvesting your personal information. Some carriers also advertise ‘free’ iPhones, but these usually require a long-term contract, effectively spreading out the cost of the phone over several months. Always read the fine print and understand the terms and conditions.

Optimal Times to Buy: Your Preferences Matter

Are you targeting the newest model? If so, the ideal time to buy is during the pre-sale period after the September announcement. If you’re interested in getting a deal on last year’s model, it’s also best to wait until the new iPhones are released, as the older ones will most likely see a price reduction. Knowing what you want can help you time your purchase to get the best deal.

How to Save Money on Your Next iPhone

Trade-In Opportunities

Trading in your old iPhone can provide significant savings on a new one. As new models can exceed $1,000, trading in an older one can mitigate the cost, especially if you’re okay with sticking to an older model for a while longer.

Buy Refurbished

Buying a certified refurbished iPhone from Apple can save you money without sacrificing quality. These phones come with a one-year warranty and are updated to the latest software. This can be a viable option if you’re not looking for the latest model.

Other Retailer Deals

While Apple rarely offers direct discounts, other retailers like Best Buy do run promotions, particularly around events like Black Friday. Keeping an eye out for these deals can provide additional savings.

Sell Your Old Device

Platforms like Swappa allow you to sell your old device at a price you set. Knowing the current market price for similar models can help you get the best deal and potentially more than what a trade-in would offer.

Black Friday and Beyond

Another good time to consider buying an iPhone is during Black Friday at the end of November. While Apple may not offer direct discounts, they often give additional gift cards with purchases, and other retailers usually have sales on iPhones and contracts.


If you’re thinking about getting a new iPhone, timing your purchase around Apple’s announcement cycle and other retail events can offer substantial savings. Remember, older models typically receive price reductions, and there are various ways to save money, whether through trade-ins, refurbished models, or retailer promotions. Make your move wisely, and you can maximize the value of your investment.


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