When Is The Best Time To Buy A New IPhone

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Those in the market for a new phone are undoubtedly wondering if now is a good time to get a new iPhone. Are prices expected to rise or fall? Is it possible that a new model will be launched shortly?

Unless you’re starving for the latest hardware, the optimum time to buy an iPhone isn’t always when a new model is released. You could be content to wait a month or two after the launch for supply to catch up with demand and for any issues with the new phones to be found and (hopefully) resolved.

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We’d think it’s OK to get a new iPhone at any point within nine months of its release. However, by June/July, we are urging individuals to postpone their trips. If at all possible, postpone your purchase until the autumn, unless your existing iPhone is broken and you must replace it immediately.

It’s easy to predict when is the worst moment to buy a new iPhone. That is undeniably true in the months running up to September. So, unless you want to be hating yourself a month later, don’t get an iPhone in August.

When is the best time to buy a new iPhone?

Here are six things to consider when considering whether to buy your new iPhone:

Apple Makes an Announcement

Every September, Apple has a large event at which they introduce new products and other interesting new features.

There are usually rumors, which in most cases turn out to be accurate, but because Apple likes to keep the public guessing until the big day, no one knows what goods will be introduced until the big day.

They normally take pre-orders for their newest iPhones during the event, with widespread availability in 1-2 weeks.

The most recent model price has been established.

The pricing of the current iPhone models is determined during the event, and it remains the same until the next generation is released, which is usually the following year.

Throughout the year, there are no special deals or discounts on the current model of the iPhone.

The Model from Last Year Is Less

When the newest iPhone is released, the previous year’s model is usually discounted by $100.

Apple continues to produce and sell fresh versions of last year’s model and one other model from the previous year. Visit the Apple website to see which models are still available.

Apple products are not on sale.

Apple has a history of determining the price of their products and not reducing the price, regardless of where you buy an iPhone. As previously stated, the exception occurs once a year when new models are launched.

Retailers may give a gift card or other inducement, but Apple maintains the pricing of the iPhone. You may also find bargains from merchants or cellular operators on older Apple goods (those that Apple no longer manufactures), but these are generally limited in quantity.

There is no free iPhone available.

You may have noticed stories on Facebook promoting a ‘free’ iPhone. I urge you not to click on those links since they are frequently phishing scams designed to obtain your personal information.

There have also been ‘free’ iPhone ads for cellular companies like AT&T, although they aren’t truly free. There is always a catch, such as signing up for a 24- to a 30-month contract with a monthly price that is roughly equivalent to dragging out the payment of an iPhone.

You could also have to add an extra line that you don’t need. If you cancel, you will almost certainly be charged a significant price.

Read the fine print on these ‘free’ deals carefully since there may be additional terms and limitations. It defies logic for anyone to offer you a free iPhone worth more than $600 without a catch.

When is the best time to buy it?

Do you want the most recent and up-to-date model? Then you’ll have to wait until mid-September for the next iPhones to be announced.

If you want to get a good deal on last year’s model, you should also wait until the new iPhones come out because prices on previous iPhone models generally decrease by $100.

If you want to buy an iPhone at any other time of year, go for it!

Several elements influence this critical purchasing choice, but understanding when to buy is the first step!

According to prior device launch trends, the optimum time to get the newest model phone is during the presale period because:

  • You will get the finest offers and discounts.
  • You will be promised a phone when it is released.

How to Save Money When Purchasing a New iPhone

You may save money when purchasing a new iPhone, but you must be strategic.

When is the best time to purchase and sell an older iPhone?

One alternative is to turn in your old iPhone for credit toward purchasing a new one.

While high-end iPhone prices have surpassed $1,000, there are many fantastic alternatives for less if you’re willing to hold onto your existing handset a little longer.

If you want to save money, you should look for bargains, get reconditioned phones, or be patient. Apple excels in providing software and hardware support for several years old phones, and most customers do not require every new feature.


The smartest thing you can do right now is to postpone purchasing a new iPhone. Apple is likely to release new models in September, which implies that existing phones will be reduced in price. If you don’t require the latest and greatest, you may save money by purchasing this year’s model at a reduced price.

Purchase refurbished

Consider purchasing a pre-owned iPhone. This is frequently a phone that has been repaired but isn’t brand new. Apple has a whole area of its website dedicated to reconditioned items, all of which still come with a one-year guarantee. You won’t find the most recent iPhone models, but that’s fine because Apple maintains its older phones updated with the most recent software.

Watch for sales.

Apple does not often offer iPhone deals, but other retailers do. Best Buy often lowers iPhones for numerous promotions throughout the year, including Black Friday.

Exchange your old phone

If you own your phone entirely — that is, you do not owe anything on a payment plan — you may trade it in for a new one. Amazon, Best Buy, and other online shops will tell you how much they’ll pay for your old equipment. Apple also accepts trade-ins.

Sell your old cell phone.

Finally, if you believe you can receive more money for your old phone than Apple, Best Buy, or Amazon would, you may sell it.

I’ve had the most success with Swappa, which allows you to set a price and see whether people are prepared to pay what you believe it’s worth. The website also shows you the selling price of comparable models, so you know what to expect.

Everything is dependent on the model.

This is one instance when you don’t want to wait since Apple may reduce the amount it’s ready to pay for an old phone once the newest versions are out.

Wait till Black Friday comes around.

Another suggestion is to get your iPhone during the Black Friday deals at the end of November. Apple will not provide discounts but will instead provide an extra gift card. Discounts on iPhones and iPhone contracts will be available at other outlets.

If you’re considering purchasing a new iPhone, August is not the greatest month.

Based on prior trends, Apple will most certainly release new phones in September with faster processors and better cameras than its current models.

Furthermore, given experience, the business will most likely reduce pricing on older phones, offering price-conscious buyers the opportunity to save money above what they would otherwise spend.


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