Why Struggles Are Good for You and How to Overcome It

logo by Editorial Staff | Posted on September 12th, 2022

Everyone goes through problems and challenges, even the most accomplished people. But while we experience these difficulties, we also have the freedom to choose how we respond to them.

Those who are flourishing and realizing their goals in life today are proof that it is possible to triumph against adversity. It is up to us to construct and hone our thoughts to remain hopeful and unyielding in the face of adversity.

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In this article, you’ll find out tips on how to overcome struggles once you encounter them and some valuable lessons you can get from this adversity,

Tips to overcome struggles in life

Here is a quick rundown of how you can cope with life’s adversities.

Have a support system

First and foremost, know that you are loved and cared for by many people. Develop a strong network of people who know you well and surround yourself with them. These are the people who love and support you unconditionally, who believe in you, and who want the best for you.

No one can make it through this world without the help of others. Even though you consider yourself an introvert, there are times when you need the support of others.

Challenge yourself

Challenge builds resilience and resolve. Often, the periods in our lives that we look back on with the most satisfaction are the ones in which we overcome obstacles to accomplish something worthwhile. Continue doing things that challenge you and test your skills.

Do physical activities

Some people find that physical activity is a great way to relieve tension and release pent-up stress. Exercising is good for you even if you believe it’s too exhausting. You’ll have a significant improvement in your mood after a workout.

Jot down your feelings

Keeping a journal can help you express your feelings when you don’t feel like talking to others. You can use it to organize your goals and list what you wish to do.

Take a trip and see the world.

The act of discovery itself is soothing. If we slow down and look around, we will find splendor. Thanks to exploring the world, you’ll have a better outlook on life and an enhanced capacity to think and perceive.

Do not compare yourself to others

Because of the unique circumstances of your life, you shouldn’t compare yourself to those who have previously achieved greater levels of achievement. Trust the procedure and have faith in your ability to do everything you set your mind to.

Be receptive

Words of encouragement in the form of helpful criticisms may come your way. As long as you have an open mind and think about what was said to you, you should be able to use the advice to progress in any aspect of your life. 

Don’t lose your dedication and focus.

Achieving your goals and becoming the person you envision yourself to be take dedication, hard work, and a lot of time. Maintain your concentration and avoid anything that could derail your efforts. Keep in mind that you’re not alone in facing difficulties. The ability to overcome adversity is a hallmark of personal development.

Try not to be so critical of your efforts.

Having a healthy relationship with yourself is important because there are moments when you have no one else to rely on except yourself. Remembering this should serve as a daily reminder to treat yourself with kindness. Our strengths and weaknesses are tested by adversity, and most people won’t rally to your aid when you’re in a tough spot.

Do not give up no matter how difficult things get.

It’s important to keep trying. Don’t doubt your ability to beat the odds and succeed. Do things that will help you grow and improve. Life’s ups and downs are never predictable, and they may be terrifying when we’re up against so much pressure. Even if you get knocked down by life, get back up again.

Life-changing lessons you can learn through struggles

If you approach a trying time in your life with a positive frame of mind and the willingness to work through it, you will gain invaluable experience. Here are some of the most instructive things you may learn through adversity.

You develop resourcefulness

When you keep going when things get tough, you open yourself up to new ways of thinking and solving problems. Learning to make do with less can strengthen your resourcefulness and problem-solving abilities for the future. Being resourceful can benefit you in many ways, including accomplishing your goals and handling stressful situations.

You’ll have greater respect and compassion for others

Someone who has felt pain can more easily empathize with those suffering. Multiple studies have shown that adversity is a key factor in the maturation of one’s capacity for compassion. Compassion for the plight of others emerges even in those of lower socioeconomic standing, as evidenced by these researches.

When you consider the struggles of others in light of your own, you get insight into both the circumstance and the people involved. You can be of greater assistance to someone in a similar situation if you have been there yourself. You’ll develop stronger bonds with others around you due to sharing adversity. Hence, the struggle can make you more considerate and empathetic.  

You’ll know your priorities better

Overcoming adversity teaches you to prioritize what matters most in life and let go of the trinkets that don’t contribute. Things tend to fight for your attention and energy when you have a lot going on. Knowing what’s truly important and what can be put on hold is crucial.

How well you adapt to or cope with hardship determines how soon you recover from it. Being in tune with one’s feelings is a prerequisite for any emotional acuity. Keeping tabs on your internal processes is a great way to get to know and like yourself.

You become humble

Adversity has the potential to keep you firmly planted on the ground. If you can keep your head and pull through the challenges, you’ll be in a much better position to handle crises in the future. Taking on difficult tasks can help you remain grounded, knowing there is always more to learn and improve upon.


You should not give up because life has dealt you a few blows. Think of every difficulty as a chance to test and refine your skills. If you’re in a bad spot with no way out, know that that’s the place you should be, and there’s a reason for it. Working hard and sticking it out through this rough patch will strengthen your resolve, develop your character, and improve your interactions with others.


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